Why Obama Is Pushing For Medical Billing Software

The two main things that President Obama is looking to focus on in his presidency are health care reform and the environment. Caught directly in the cross hairs of these two action items is paper billing and systems for medical companies. The President is pushing for all systems to be made paperless as soon as possible. He is working to get incentive packages passed that will make it easy for companies to convert over to medical billing software as painlessly as possible. There are several reasons why Obama is pushing so hard for these systems.

The first reason is because of how much paper the medical billing process can generate. There are literally hundreds of thousands of tons of paper going to waste on the billing process in the medical industry. By converting all of that over to a paperless format many of the trees used to make that paper will be saved. This would have a huge impact environmentally speaking. The second reason that he is pushing for the paperless billing format is that it can streamline the entire process. This will save money to both taxpayers and insurance agencies alike. With a streamlined and simplified billing process payment can be made much easier to not only make but to track as well. By using an electronic format for all the billing procedures there will be much better documentation of the entire process. These records can become very important especially in cases of a dispute. By having everything recorded digitally both the medical company and the insurance company should be able to settle disputes quickly and easily.

The question is not if but when it becomes required to use medical billing software. If your company has not looked at any options you need to start considering what you are going to do once it is required. If you are currently using some form of medical billing software you need to see if it is going to be approved for use. Because the government is going to require its use does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing. If implemented it should improve the service of care for millions of people. In addition the environmental impact can not be overlooked. Combine these two things together and there is a compelling reason to make the switch. One can see why President Obama would want to try to encourage companies to move in this direction. By offering incentives and stimulus for these activities he should be able to meet his goal.